Monday, March 9, 2009

The dirty beginnings of a photo log.

This is the building on the top of the Geneva hill, adjacent to the Bart Station. I'm not sure what its function is exactly but in the lot behind it is where all the Muni trains come out. The building itself looks unoccupied.
Mixed martial arts are extremely popular in the Excelsior and the studios have the murals to prove it.
If you live in the Excelsior you might have a sweet ride like this one. Reminds me of my Pinewood Derby days making smaller versions of this in my Grandfather's magical basement work room in Washington D.C.

THIS BLOG OR PHLOG (photoblog?) IS GONNA BE PHOTOS and quick notes regarding the strange and compelling and under-explored Excelsior District of San Francisco, the place I have called home for five or six months now. It's pretty diverse, colorful, loud, noisy and dirty, among other things, and I will casually explore its many marvels and banalities while I still remain its humble if ambivalent citizen.

This is, above all, an experiment. Enjoy.